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Adjusting Employee's Allowance

This feature can only be accessed by HR Managers and Administrators. 

You can adjust employees annual or accrued allowance by making changes to the Leave Profile. This will make the change for all users within that Leave Profile for each Leave Year or accrual schedule. Once you've done that, be sure to visit the Allowance Calculator to ensure the changes are saved. 

It's possible to manually change a specific employee's allowance as a one off by going to the Allowances section. For Appogee HR users, this can be found within the Leave section of the first level menu, and for Appogee Leave users, this is an item in the first level menu. 

Select the employee you wish to edit using the employee switcher.

Select the Allowances tab, then click the Edit button.

The table will open up and allow you to edit some of the fields. The following fields are editable: 

TOIL (Manual) - TOIL can be requested through the request process, or a user with edit permissions will be able to manually adjust a user's TOIL

Carried Over - you can set up carry over to automatically occur on the turn of the Leave year, or alternatively manually adjust it here

Manual Adjust - manual adjust can be a positive or negative value

Once you have made the relevant adjustments, click Save Changes. 

Within the Leave Profile, it's possible to setup an expiry date for Carry Over. The carry over expiry will show on the allowances table - if the carry over amount has expired, this will show in italics. 

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