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Work Profiles, Allowances & Working Hours

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In this article: 

What is a Work Profile?

Creating a new Work Profile

Editing Work Profiles

Custom Allowances

Assigning employees

What is a Work Profile? 

A Work Profile is a configuration which determines the Leave & Sickness allocation and Leave & Sickness settings for a user or groups of users. It defines the working and non-working hours for employees, whether their Leave is accrued or given annually and whether they are entitled to Carry Over and a Length of Service Entitlement.

Your employees may have different terms of employment, which means they are entitled to a different Leave Allowance. In Appogee Leave you can set up a Work Profile for each condition of employment in order to satisfy these differences. There are no limits to the amount of Work Profiles you have and no limits to the number of employees in each Work Profile.

Creating a new Work Profile

Go to Leave > Admin & Config > Work Profiles. Click the Create Work Profile button in the top right corner. 

Fill out the Main Details of the Work Profile by giving it a Name and selecting the Public Holiday Profile and optionally add a comment or notes.

The Leave Settings tab is split into 4 sections - work through these sequentially to create your Work Profile. 


Leave Start Month

Select a Leave Start Month - this is used to define the Leave calendar year for users within this Work Profile. The Start Month dropdown may be disabled if your settings are configured at a company level. To change this, go to System Config > General Settings > Leave. 

Employee First Year Allowance

Choose how you'd like new starters' allowance to be calculated for users with an Annual Leave allowance. There are different pro-rata options for calculating the amount of leave a new employee will be entitled to in their first working year. If this is switched on, then you will be able to select rounding options, so that the allowance is a whole number. 

Request Length Options

Choose what length requests your employees are able to make. Choose from Full & Half Day request, Full Day only requests or no restrictions, which would allow your employees to book 1 hour, for example.

Working Rota

The Working Rota is used to determine the days of the week employees work or do not work, as well as how many hours in a working day. 

If employees work shifts, or different hours on each day of the week, you will need to disable the working rota.

Choose which days of the week employees in this Work Profile work - if you have part time employees working different days, you can create a new Work Profile for each working pattern. 

Select the start and end time of your day, and how many hours there are and the system will calculate a morning and afternoon session. 

If your employees work a different amount of hours on a particular day, you can manually override the Working Rota as well. Ticking this option will open up the rota for you to edit. Adjusting the rota manually will affect the average hours per working day, which is used to calculate request lengths and remaining allowance. 

Default Entitlement

On the Default Entitlement page you can choose whether your employees in this Work Profile are entitled to a Leave Allowance, a Sickness Allowance and up to 2 Custom Allowances. 

Within each of the Allowances sections, you can set up the following: 

Allowance Type 

Choose whether the allowance is Annual, Accrued or a combination of the two. Choose to add this number in Hours or Days, and the system will work out the hours in a day calculation using the previously configured Working Rota. 

Carry Over

Chose whether employees in this Work Profile are able to carry over leftover allowance from one year into the next, and whether this has an expiry. 

Exceed Allowance Settings

Choose whether employees in this Work Profile are able to exceed their allowance if they do not have enough left, and whether this deducts from next year's allowance or not.

Historical Requests

Choose whether you'd like to restrict requests in the past. If enabled, a text box will appear where you can state how many days in the past employees are able to submit requests for. 

Minimum Days Notice

Choose whether you'd like to enforce a minimum notice period for employees to submit requests. If enabled, a text box will appear where you can state the minimum notice period. 

Length of Service

Optionally add a Length of Service entitlement or award to employees within this Work Profile. This will add a Leave entitlement to your employees' allowances depending on the number of years they have been employed. 

Select as many year bounds as you need, for example after 1 year, 3 years and 5 years of employment, employees are entitled to 22, 25 and 30 days. 

The increment will be added to the top of the page and you can choose how the allowance is given in each year. 

For more information about Length of Service, take a look at the following article: Length of Service.

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Editing Work Profiles

It’s possible to edit your Work Profile in the same way you would create one.

Go to Leave > Admin & Config > Work Profiles

Open the Work Profile you want to edit, click through the tabs and edit the fields that need to be changed. You’ll notice there are additional tabs now: Employees and Audit. The Employees tab shows a list of employees who are assigned to this Work  Profile as well as their current allowance. The Audit tab shows a list of all changes made to the Work Profile. 

You'll also notice the Allowance Calculator icon in the top right, if you make any changes to the Entitlement Settings, the Allowance Calculator will need to be used as the system will not override allowances. For more information, take a look at the following: Allowance Calculator Tool & Adjusting Employees Allowance.

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Custom Allowances

If you require another allowance apart from Annual Leave or Sickness, you can enable them as a Custom 1 or Custom 2 Allowance. The Leave Type you choose for the Custom Allowance must be one configured to be a deducted leave type.

Go to Leave > Admin & Config > Work Profiles.

Click a Work Profile (or create a new one) > Leave Settings > Default Entitlement.

Scroll down and click the box to enable Custom 1 Allowance and select an allowance type from the dropdown. 

You will then see the same Allowance settings as in the Annual and Sickness sections. Fill this in and click Save Changes. 

Make sure you go to the Allowance Calculator to make your changes on the employee profiles. 

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Assigning employees

All employees will need to be assigned to a Work Profile, this can be done when the employee is added to the system either by manual upload, G Suite, Office, or Xero integration or by CSV upload. For more information on adding employees, please see here.

It is also possible to change an Employees Work Profile if their work conditions change or if you have created a new Work Profile.

Go to Organization > Employees.

Click on the Employee whose Work Profile you want to change. In the Main Details tab, click the pencil icon next to the Work Profile and a dialogue box will appear. Select the new Work Profile and click change Work Profile.

Remember to use the Allowance Calculator or do a manual adjustment to make sure the employee has the correct Leave Allowance after the change.

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