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Work Profiles - Full & Part Time Equivalents

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Creating a Part-Time Work Profile

Managing Part-Time Work Profiles


When setting up Employee allowances, you may need to create multiple Work Profiles to accommodate employees with different working patterns. 

Those employees who work Part-Time, will likely have a pro-rated absence entitlements, based on a Full-Time Equivalent. 

To set this up, you can use the FTE process in Appogee HR. You can select a Full-Time Work Profile as your 'root' profile, and create Part-Time versions of it where the allowances & default entitlements are pro-rated for you. 

Creating a Part-Time Work Profile

To create a Part-Time Work Profile, you will first need to ensure you have a Work Profile which contains the Leave & Sick entitlements for Full-Time employees.

Next, go to Leave Admin > Work Profiles and click Create. 

From the dialog that appears, click Create Pro-Rated > Next.

Then, select the Work Profile you wish to use as the Full-Time Equivalent calculation and click Next

The system will present you with the Full-Time Working Rota, to make this a Part-Time profile, amend the Working Days or Hours accordingly. 

At the bottom of the table, you will see the FTE Ratio is calculated based on the changes you've made. When you're happy with the changes, click Next.

Based on the settings on the Full-Time Profile and changes you have made to the Working Rota, you will be presented with the pro-rated Leave Entitlement for this Part-Time Work Profile. Review the changes and click Next.

The system will present you with a suggested name for the Work Profile, click Create or edit the name first.

Your Work Profile will now be created.  

Managing Part-Time Work Profiles

Once you have set up a Work Profile that has been linked from your Full-Time Profile, you'll see it connected in the Work Profiles table. 

The Entitlements on the Part-Time Work Profile are read only, there are three ways to update them. 

1. Update the entitlement in the Full-Time Work Profile

Using the FTE ratio, the Part-Time allowances will be automatically calculated

For example, your Full-Time Profile gives 20 days of annual leave, with an FTE ratio of 0.6 this becomes 12 days. If you update the Full-Time Profile to 22 days, the Part-Time Profile is updated automatically to 13 days

2. Change the Working Rota in the Part-Time Work Profile

This will update the FTE Ratio, therefore updating the entitlements associated with it. 

For example, your Part-Time Profile is set up with an FTE ratio of 0.6, giving employees 13 days of Annual Leave. If you change the Working Rota, the FTE updates to 0.8 and the Annual Leave amount changes to 17.5 days. 

3. Disconnect the Full-Time Work Profile from the Part-Time Work Profile

This will prevent the Work Profiles from updating concurrently. 

Once the Work Profiles are disconnected, the entitlements are no longer Read Only and you can update them accordingly.

If you disconnect the Work Profiles, you cannot reconnect them and management of each would have to be done independently.

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