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Adding New Employees

Applicable packages Leave Time HR Essentials HR Success

Required Roles Team Manager HR Manager Administrator ADU Manager

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Adding Employees

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You can easily add Employees to Appogee HR either one at a time or in bulk. This guide takes you through adding employees one by one. To find out how to add your employees to Appogee HR in bulk, take a look at the following article: Adding New Employees in Bulk.

Adding Employees

From the left side menu, go to Add Employee. The wizard will take you through the key steps of adding an employee. 

Employee Info 

On the 'Employee Info' tab you will need to provide the Employee's First and Last Name, Team and Work Profile, an Email Address, Team and Work Profile. 

You can optionally add the Employment Type, Job Title, Virtual Team and Office Location. 

Click Next.

Employment Status

Click Next and fill out the information on the Employee Status page. If you set the status to Joining, you'll need to set a start date in the future. If you set the status to active, select a start date as today or in the past. 

Click Next. 

HR Profile HR Essentials & Success Customers only

If you have HR Essentials or Success, it's possible to add HR fields to the Add Employee process. To set this up, please read the information in the section below. 

Complete any fields on the HR Profile tab with information you have about the new starter. 

Click Next.


The Leave tab will show you how much Leave, Sick & Custom Allowances have been allocated to the new starter based on your settings & the Work Profile they are being added to. 

Review the amounts and use the Manual adjust tool if necessary.


Click Next.


Click which modules of Appogee HR you would like the new starter to have access to. 

For customers with HR Success, you can click through to set up the Onboarding portal. 

Click Next. 

Once complete, you'll see a message to confirm the employee has been added to the system. 

Appogee HR Essentials & Success Customers

If you have HR Essentials or Success, it's possible to add HR fields to the Add Employee process. This allows you to complete the employee's profile at the point of adding them to the system, rather than afterwards. 

At the point of adding a new user to the system, you very likely already know information about their employment - such as salary. 

To configure which fields to add, go to Onboarding > Config > HR Onboarding Fields.

Click Select Fields to add your HR Fields to the Add Employee process - a dialog box will appear where you can tick to enable fields from Profiles. 

Click Confirm Selection. 

Once the fields have been selected, you can optionally mark them as mandatory. 

When you're happy with the configuration, click to Save. 

Once this has been configured, you'll see an additional tab on the Add Employee menu for HR Profile

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