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Archived Employees

Applicable packages Leave Time HR Essentials HR Success

Required Roles Team Manager HR Manager Administrator ADU Manager

In this article:

How To Archive An Employee

How To View Archived Employees

How To Restore an Archived Employee


Employees can be archived so that they do not use up a license.  Their data will be stored so that it can be accessed if necessary or if the employee returns to the organisation.  Please note that data about archived employees is not reportable by default. 

If you need to view archived employee data, you must add this as a filter in HR Reporting. 

How To Archive An Employee

An employee must have gone through the Offboarding process in order to archive them. For more information about offboarding, take a look at the following article: Processing Leavers (Offboarding).

Once offboarded, go to Organization > Employees. 

Open the employee by clicking their name then click Options > Archive Employee.

A dialog box will appear where you can confirm the employee state at the point of archive which can be used for later reference.

The employee will now be archived and you will be redirected to the Archived Employees page.

How To View Archived Employees

Go to Organization > Employees > Archived Employees.

The Archived Employees page will be displayed. 

How To Restore An Archived Employee

Go to Organization > Employees > Archived Employees.

Click on Restore and a pop up will appear. Fill in the applicable information to restore the employee to a specific Team and with a specific Work Profile, then click in Restore Employee button.

This Employee will now be an active Employee and will use up a licence.

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