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Appogee HR: Company Documents

Please note that these features are only available to HR & team managers

In this article:

Creating Company Docs

Viewing Company Docs

Document Acknowledgements

Acknowledging a Company Doc


Company Documents are documents that are related to the company rather than an individual employee. These can be shared amongst the whole company or at a team level. A Company Document can be a file, link or a note that you wish to make available to multiple employees for easy review and access. 

Company Documents are organised by  Document Types. Document Types can be configured by users who have the Admin role from the Process Config sections of the application.

Company Documents can be found under the Company Docs section of the left meu. By default there are 4 categories for Company Docs - Employee Templates, Office Documents, Company Policies & HR Documents.  Users with the Admin role are able to edit these categories by going to Process Config > Company Document Types and Security.   

Creating Company Docs

There are two ways you can create a company document: 

  1. Drag & Drop
  2. Create button

Documents will always default to the access settings for the Document Type set in Process Config, Company Document Types and Security. For details on how to set this up, take a look at the following article: Security Settings for Records and Documents.

Adding a Company Doc will open a new dialog.    

Enter the following details:

Document Name

Document Type 

Document Format

    For Files use the Browse button to find the file to upload from your machine (supported file types for upload are pdf, jpg, gif, png, bmp, tiff, msoffice files (dot, xls, ppt etc), opendocument files, and mp3)

    For Internal Notes enter the note in the text box

    For links, copy and paste the URL into the box

    Google Drive, if available connect and select the target file.  This will not change permissions for the file set in Google Drive

    OneDrive, if available connect and select the target file.  This will not change permissions for the file set in Microsoft  OneDrive

    YouTube Link

Document Date

Review Date

Please note that a Company Document will retain it's access settings configured when it is created unless they are manually edited. Changing default settings after a Company Document is created will not change the access settings.

Click Create Document when you are happy with the details. A new dialog will appear which will give you the option to preview the document, open the document or create another document. 

Viewing Company Docs

HR Managers will be able to view and make changes to Company Docs by clicking the pencil icon to the right of the document. 

This will open the doc in preview mode. Previews are possible for PDFs, PNGs, JPEGs and text docs. Office files for example will not render but a download option will be given. 

  • The Details tab will show you the name, description, document type and document date. You are able to change all of these from here

  • The Access tab is split into sub-tabs. Role Access will show you the levels of access each role has - this is determined by the security settings of the document type in Process Config. Team Access will allow you to optionally restrict the doc to certain teams. Onboarding Access allows you to determine if this document is available as part of the Onboarding Portal (HR Success customers only)

  • The Review tab allows you to add a review date or the document. An email reminder and action will appear in the Dashboard for the Document Owner

  • The Acknowledgements tab shows you who has acknowledged the doc and who hasn't. You can send acknowledgement requests from here. To distribute the doc across the company, set up Monitors from the sub-tab and add all teams. This will also automatically send acknowledgement requests to new starters when they are added to the system

  • The Notifications tab lets you set up Notifications against documents

  • Finally, the audit tab shows you all changes to the document, including when an employee makes a comment at point of acknowledgement

Document Acknowledgements

The Acknowledgements tab allows you to manage Acknowledgements and has 2 sections, requests and monitors.

In the Requests section you can filter Acknowledgement requests by Unacknowledged, Acknowledged or Both.

To create an acknowledgement request for an individual, click Create Acknowledgement Request. Enter the email address of the employee who is to acknowledge the document and enter a due date, click Create Request. This will send them an email as well as create an Action on their Employee Dashboard. 

Use the Monitors tab to create acknowledgement requests for more than one user. This also allows requests to be automated when users are added to the system or moved between teams. You can create monitors for all users or specific teams. 

Acknowledging a Company Doc

When an employee is requested to acknowledge a Company Doc they will receive an email and it will show in the My Actions section of the Dashboard. When acknowledging a company doc, there are 3 choices: 


Acknowledge with Comment

Submit Comment (do not acknowledge)

All selected options will show in the audit and email the acknowledgement requestor. 

If a comment has been submitted, this can be seen on the audit tab as well as the comment section on the doc. A blue speech bubble will show next to the document preview to show it has comments. 


The Notifications tab allows you to create Notifications that are triggered on a specific occasion, for a specific user and with a notification email message. 

The occasions are set under the Notify When dropdown list with the following options:

  • When a document is acknowledged
  • When a document is acknowledged with a comment
  • When a document is fully acknowledged (i.e. acknowledged by all users who need to acknowledge the document)
  • On the review date
  • On a date relative to the review date

The user options are set under the Notify Who dropdown list with the following options:

  • Document Owner - the owner of the document as listed in the Review tab
  • Target User - the user who is to acknowledge the document
  • Target User's Team Manager
  • Target User's HR Manager
  • All HR Managers
  • A Specific User

The Notification Email Message can include placeholders for dynamic text, click the Learn More link to view which placeholder text can be used. 

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