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Docs & Records - Internal Notes

Applicable packages Leave Time HR Essentials HR Success

Required Roles Team Manager HR Manager Administrator ADU Manager

Internal Notes are a document format you can use in the Company Docs and Employee Records feature. This article details our best practices for using Internal Notes, for details on Company Docs as a whole, take a look at the following article: Appogee HR: Company Docs

The Internal Notes feature allows you to add the following basic formatting to your documents: 

  • Paragraph Styles
    • Split out your documents with various headings or paragraph formats
  • Bold & Italics
  • Links
  • Lists
    • Bullets
    • Numbers
  • Paragraph indentation 
  • Insert
    • Images
    • Quotes
    • Tables
    • Videos

To help you add images easily, please refer to the following guidelines

  1. Add the text to your document first, leaving spaces for images where necessary and add the images last
  2. Use tables to add formatting to your document - e.g. text next to images
  3. Add images from files, rather than trying to copy and paste

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