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Company Documents - Acknowledgements

Applicable packages Leave Time HR Essentials HR Success

Required Roles Team Manager HR Manager Administrator ADU Manager

Specific Document Acknowledgements

The Acknowledgements tab of a document allows you to manage Acknowledgements and has 2 sections - Status and Rules. 

The Status page allows you to view at a glance the document read and acknowledgement statutes. If there are any outstanding acknowledgements you are able to nudge the employees who still need to action the acknowledgement. 

You can nudge employees individually or click the Nudge All button at the top, to send a request to all employees with outstanding Acknowledgement requests. 

The Rules section allows you to create acknowledgement requests by setting up different rules. 

Acknowledgement requests can be for: 

All Employees

Team Managers

Team Members

Specific Employee(s)

User Roles 

You can set up multiple rules per document. Once created, acknowledgements will send an email as well as create an Action on their Employee Dashboard. 

After adding 1 or more Acknowledgement Rules, you will see a button "Send Requests" - you need to click this button for the acknowledgement request to be sent immediately. However, if you do not click this button, then the requests will still be sent as part of a daily schedule.

Company Document Acknowledgements

To view all acknowledgements for a specific team or employee across multiple Company Docs, switch to the Acknowledgements page. 

From the dropdown, select the team and optionally choose an employee. 

The report will be summarised on the right, with the number of Acknowledged, Acknowledged Previous Versions and Requested. 

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