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Docs & Records - Reviews & Versions

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Reviews and Versions

Setting up Reviews


Reviews and Versions 

Within the Company Docs feature, you are able to create reviews and versions of Company Documents and Policies. For more information about creating and acknowledging Company Docs, take a look at the following article: Appogee HR: Company Docs. 

A Company Docs Review allows you to set up a schedule for how frequently you wish to check and/or update your policies and documents. This could be on a yearly basis for example. When the review date occurs, the document owner will receive an alert reminding them to review the document. Documents can also be reviewed on an ad-hoc basis. 

The versioning feature within Company Docs allows you to update/upload new versions of documents and policies whilst retaining the audit and acknowledgements of previous documents. Creating a new version of a document which already has acknowledgement rules set up will automatically re-issue acknowledgement requests and send notifications. 

Setting up and submitting Reviews

When you upload a document, you have the ability to set a Review Date. 

You can also set up Review schedules on the document itself. Click the edit button in the top right corner and the edit dialogue will open, switch to the Reviews tab where you can input the next Review date and also the frequency. 

Documents can also be reviewed ad hoc, by going to History > Versions > Review and Revise. 

A dialogue will appear, where you have 3 options. 

If the document is still valid and no changes are required, select the first option and then click Submit Review. 

This will then create an audit log in the Reviews tab. 

If the result of the Review is that there are changes to be made, you can either archive the document completely, or create a new version of it. Details on the versioning process can be found in the next section of this article. 

If you archive an article, it can only be viewed by the document owner by selecting 'Show Archived' on the main Company Docs page. 

Archived Documents can be republished by clicking the 'Republish' button when looking at the document in edit mode. 


If you need to upload an update or make changes to an existing company document, you can create a new version of it. 

To do this open your Company Doc and go to History > Versions > Review and Revise. 

A dialogue will open, select 'No, the document is no longer valid - create a new version' and add a comment in the text box. 

The new version number will auto-populate based on the current version number, but you can change it if you wish. You can also add a label for the new version, e.g. 2020 updates. 

Step 1: 

Fill out the reason box and optionally detail the changes. Any comments added to the second text box will appear in the change log. 

Step 2: 

Define the new contents of the document - either upload a new copy, make changes to an internal note and update or change a link/YouTube video. 

You can also change the document format if required, e.g. replacing an Internal Note with an uploaded File. 

Step 3: 

If acknowledgement rules have been set up for this document, publishing a new version of it will reissue acknowledgement requests. You can optionally add a message which will be sent with the request. 

Step 4: 

Choose your notification preferences - either notify all with access to the document or do not send notifications. (Acknowledgement requests will still be sent). You can optionally add a message which will be sent with the request. 

The new version will be created, this will show in the version history table with the relevant change details. The previous version will be archived, however, the acknowledgement and read counts of these will still be auditable. 


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