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Auto-Approve Leave requests that Managers add themselves for reports

As a line manager and someone who adds a lot of non-ducted "training day" leave requests into Appogee for the apprentices who I line manage, there is a real duplication of work for my in that when I add in a leave request in for my report, I then get notified that I have submitted a leave request for my report and then have to review and approve it when I was the person who added it! It would be great if leave requests that I add in are just auto-approved! 

  • Hi Paul 

    Thank you for your feedback. There's a couple of ways you can get around this issue: 

    1. Ask an Admin/HR Manager to mark the Leave type of 'Training Day' as not requiring an approval. This way, any request submitted with the leave type of training will be input to the calendars in the approved status. Managers will still get notifications of the requests being submitted. 

    2. Use Backfill. This is a tool that allows you to input requests into the calendar in a pre-approved status. To see if you have the correct access, head to your team request page (Leave > My Team > Request History). You may be able to see a Backfill button at the top right corner of this page (as per the screenshot below). If you do not have the relevant access, please ask an HR Manager or Admin to change your role from being a 'Reader Manager' to 'Editor Manager'. 

    Hope this helps. 

    Let us know how you get on! 


    Appogee HR

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  • Thanks Megan,

    I do have Backfill access so this will do the job nicely! Thanks for the information! :)


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