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Edit leave requests once they've been approved

Why can I not modify a request for example change from full day to half day

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  • It would be really useful if employees were able to submit an edit request when they want to change a leave request they have already submitted.

    Currently, the only option is for them to submit a cancellation request and submit a new request once the cancellation is approved which is time consuming and not necessary.

  • This is now possbile.

  • Hi,

    Not sure where to ask this, but whilst we can now edit a leave request, if the length of the leave is more than remaining allowance, it errors, even though in theory the allowance is there.

    e.g if i have 6 days approved, and 3 days allowance left, and I want to reduce the approved leave to only 4 days, the edit wizard/pop up shows me that I'll then have 5 days allowance left. But when I then Submit changes, an error banner appears telling me I don't have enough allowance to make the change. Presumably because it is looking at the fact I want to 'book' 4 days and only have 3 days allowance. Despite the fact that in effect I have 6+3 days, as I am amending the 6 days. 

    Clearly the system is able to calculate the change as the preview in the window knows I will have a higher allowance once the change is made, but the actual processing is not doing the same calculation. Which means functionally, I still have to cancel and wait for approval before resubmitting.

    This is also a problem for extending holiday, but the work around of booking the extra days as a separate request is no more time consuming than editing, just annoying as then it's split in the calendar.

  • Thanks for your feedback Lisa, it sounds like this is not working as intended. I'll log this as a ticket for you. 

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