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In Progress

End Users Editing Requests

If an incorrect request is approved it can only be edited by Team Managers and above.

It would be far easier for end users to be able to edit these requests, which would then be sent through the approval process again.

These errors are more likely to be noticed by the end user and will save them having to report the issue to their Team Manager (or HR) as they could edit the request themselves (and add a reason).

Currently if a end user wanted to resolve this they would need to cancel the request and submit a new (corrected) request, this would require:

  • The user has to submit a cancellation
  • This then needs to be approved
  • The user then has to re-enter the sickness request
  • This then needs to be approved

If an end user could edit the request:
  • The user would edit the request
  • This would then be approvedĀ 
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