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Gentle nudge/reminder to Managers for pending requests

It would be great to have an option to nudge/remind Team Managers and HR Managers about requests made which haven't been actioned. 

They receive the notification emails correctly but sometimes they lose track of those emails and forget about them, especially busy people. 

This idea would be great as a gentle reminder as a new request on the same day would clash with the already existing request. 

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  • I would also love to see this feature added! we also have busy people who need a gentle reminder :) 

  • Plus one.

  • It's currently possible to nudge any outstanding actions for your employees. This can be done by going to Checklists > Actions & Notifications. 

    The page will show you all outstanding actions such as Checklists, Company Docs & Performance. This doesn't however cover Leave / Sickness request so I will leave this suggestion open. 


    Appogee HR

  • Hi Megan Yes the original suggestion was to be able to nudge managers to look at incoming leave requests.. Tom

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  • This would be a really useful thing to have 

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