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Send Welcome Email Again in Bulk

When I initially setup in Appogee I wanted to import everyone from Gsuite, but not send out the Welcome Email at this time. After a month of configuring I wanted to resend out the Welcome Email only to realize that I had to do it one by one. This is very tedious if you have like 60+ employees. Therefore a feature where you can resend out the Welcome Email in bulk would be very nice :)

  • From the Roles & Access page, you can now enable access to all users in one click, this will also ask you whether you want to send the welcome email. 

  • This is not an option when the status is already active.  We set up all our users and I checked the Roles & Access Page, and I assume that because our users are already active, this is not an option. We have over 200 employees. This is extremely tedious. Please add this feature. 

  • Hi Amanda

    If you untick the access column for all users, click save and then re-tick the access it will give you the option to  send the welcome message 


    Appogee HR

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