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More customisable email templates

We would like the ability to customize the email templates for HR processes as well.

Specifically, when feedback is requested for 360 feedback, we would like to be able to customize the email that is sent.

  • Can this suggestion be extended to also include the ability to edit email templates for Performance Reviews.  We would like to be able to edit the headings or subjects depending on the type of review that we are trying to perform.  It can be confusing that all emails are headed 'Performance Review' when the type of review might not relate to Performance at all.


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  • I have set up some email notifications within a tab under the Employment section. I received one of the emails this morning (as I was testing this feature) and the layout of the email was in plain text with no formatting at all. Within the set-up of the notification, I spaced the contents out over 5 or 6 paragraphs, and the email I received shows it as one huge paragraph. It doesn't look very easy to read. Could this feature be implemented so that the formatting of the template and the spacing will also appear in the email sent to our employees? Thanks!

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