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Leave - Ability to overwrite default Requested Time ranges

At one time, when submitting a new leave or sickness request, users could double-click in the Requested Time boxes and manually overwrite the default start and end times of a partial day request. At present, however, users can no longer do so because they cannot request time that is outside of the work rota defined in their leave profile. While this may be a logical setup for many scenarios, the ability to overwrite the defaults is particularly convenient for those times when an employee may have an impromptu or temporary shift in his or her work schedule and would like to request time off during that period without an Appogee administrator having to change the work rota in their profile to accommodate the request (and then change the work rota back after the temporary schedule change expires). Please consider restoring this flexibility, as it allows supervisors and their direct reports to make adjustments on the ground, as they arise.  Thank you!


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