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Requiring leave hours to be entered

We would like a feature where we can set the system to require that an employee enter their leave hours. Since our employees work different shifts on different days, having the leave hours entered means we can plan appropriate coverage. Otherwise we don't know if all day means 9-12 or 8-6 or some other time span.

Thank you!

  • Hi Ellen

    Thanks for your feedback. 

    We have a feature within the Leave Profiles where you can enable employees the ability to select the times of their leave. If you go to the Leave Profile, and click on Working Rota, you'll see there is an option at the top to 'Allow Override'. If you enable this, employees will get an option when they submit their Leave Request to override the times and input the start and end time. 

    This doesn't however show in a calendar view, so you'll still have to go into the leave requests but hopefully this goes some way to addressing the issues you're facing. 

    This support article may be of assistance to you: Leave Profiles

    Hopefully this helps!

    Thanks, Megan 

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