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Set up user in more than one account

We have Appogee accounts set up for four different businesses in a group, all of which share the same Managing Director. I need to set the Managing Director up in all accounts so he has visibility over the employees for all businesses, but currently am only able to set him up in one account. He only has one email address so setting him up with a different email address for each account is not an option. Many thanks

  • Thanks for posting your comment Paul.

    As you will have seen, we do impose a restriction such that an email address can only belong to a single instance of Appogee HR.  We do this to avoid any ambiguity when checking entitlements or sending notifications, as well as to facilitate single sign on for users with integrated office environments.

    One option we have for customers in your situation would be to treat each business as a separate Division within one organization.  In Appogee HR Divisions are known as ADUs (Appogee Divisional Units) and allow for the segmentation of an organization into separately administered sets of users.  If you want to explore this further this solution article provides a good overview:

    Hope this helps!

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