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Requested Time drop-down menus

As I understand it, the times in the Requested Time drop-down menus are populated via the leave profile's work rota.  Is it possible to have the times in the drop-down menus be totally independent of the work rota, and instead have them display the full 24-hour time span?  (To that end, I believe employees can manually type in a time not represented in the drop-down menu...)

Also, if users are being asked to designate specific times in their request, can this information be conveyed in the email notification to the approver?  At present, while users specify the time range (e.g., 13:00 - 16:00), the email notification to approvers only displays the number of hours requested (e.g., 3 hours). Our users currently manually key in the specific times in the Reason For Leave field so that the information will appear, upfront, in the email notification, but if Appogee displays this info in one of the notification's fixed fields, then it would save our users a few keystrokes.  Thank you!

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