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Seperate Override Options (for Leave and Sick)

Our organisation employs a holiday ban (days when leave can't be requested/taken) across all of its departments, to configure these on Appogee we have used Public Holidays.

During these Holiday Bans, a user still needs to be able to record sickness, which can't be done as it currently seen as a public holiday.

As a workaround for this, the 'Allow Override' option can be enabled which allows you to book sick on these days, however this also allows employees to override leave requests also.

Ideally, two separate Override Options for Leave and Sick would solve this issue as it would mean leave profiles could be locked down so that Sickness requests can be overridden and Leave requests can't

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  • Hi Daniel

    You can use the compulsory days feature to block out those days when leave can't be taken. The users will still be able to submit sick even though the day has been marked as 'holiday ban'. 

    This should resolve your issue. 


    Appogee HR

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