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Profile Change Notifications


The option to mark profile fields for change notification/alerts to employee, manager or hr manager.


Agree. If someone changes let's say her/his bank account we'd need to get an alert to update in payroll. That would be very helpful!




Does this happen yet?


Also agree. Changes to bank details or postal address need to be updated in other systems for us so a notification would be really useful.

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  • Bank details is a great example for where this would be really helpful. We have to run a report and check if anyone has changed there bank details before running payroll every month. If our finance team could get an email alert when this field (and other fields) is changed it would be really helpful. 

  • Many thanks for your support of this feature, it has now been implemented. You can set up notifications against changes to fields within Appogee HR by visiting the HR Notifications section of Reporting. 

    Thanks, Appogee HR. 

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