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Notifications on change/edit of requests

When a request is modified (e.g change of date), we would like to be notified so we can reflect this change in our other systems. This could be done by adding notification option in the Team Profile where email addresses of people to be notified when a request is modified are entered. On the modification of the request, an email notification indicating the changes is sent.

  • If a user places a leave request, but their approver edits the request, there is no obvious flag back to the requester if the approver makes a change.

    There is a minor flag in the 'Leave Request Approved' email that comes back when it shows the number of days approved within the body of the message, but it is not that obvious. It would be useful if the returned email showed the note added by the approver when they made the change - or at least a comment or subject of 'Leave Request Amended and Approved' instead of just 'Leave Request Approved'.


    Could the approval email also include any comments made by the 'approver', just as a rejection does?

  • This feature is just what I need, thank you Appogee! This will help me keep payroll records up-to-date and keep my team organized.

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