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Customer service

Most excellent customer services co. are turning to Chat to support Admin. I suggest appogee consider this feature.

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  • We have implemented a chat bot on our support website, which will be able to point you to the right articles and FAQs within the system. We also have a chat feature on our website. 

    Thanks, Appogee HR.

  • The FAQ chat bot is really auto suggest and did not provide useful responses, too generic.

    The chat feature needs to be for admin/manager/users to ask quick specific questions. It is fine if these then turn in to full support requests.

  • Hi Rob

    Thanks for your feedback. We have removed the FAQ bot from the support site as this was not providing the service we would have liked. I'll remove the 'implemented' tag from this suggestion. 


    Appogee HR

  • We have relaunched the Chat function in the app for HR Managers and Admins.

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