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Xero Integration: Timesheets

Applicable packages Leave Time HR Essentials HR Success

Required Roles Team Manager HR Manager Administrator ADU Manager

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Setting up Timesheet Sync

Viewing Timesheets in Xero

Timesheet Sync Log

As part of the Xero integration, it's possible to sync Timesheets from Appogee HR into Xero. Once Timesheets are approved in Appogee HR they will be synced with the employees' Timesheets in Xero. 

Timesheets can be synced in either Approved or Draft state into Xero. 

It's worth noting that the Timesheets in Appogee HR always show as weekly starting on Mondays, however can differ in Xero (for example, Monthly pay periods, starting on the 1st of each month). In order for the Timesheets in Xero to show as Approved, all Timesheets in Appogee HR that span those dates will need to be approved. 

For example, for monthly payroll in Xero, you'd need to have approved all Timesheets that span the entire month in Appogee HR for them to show as Approved in Xero. If the Timesheets are being approved and synced on a weekly basis, they will show as draft in Xero until the whole month has been completed. 

Setting up Timesheet Sync

You can switch this feature on by going to System Integrations > Xero > Timesheets. 

Click Enable Timesheet Sync to switch the feature on. 

You will then be prompted with the configuration settings. 

In order for the Timesheets to sync to Xero, you need to select which 'Earning Rate' is used for Regular and Overtime Hours. 

Regular Hours are classed as the time worked each day within the planned hours on employee Working Rotas. 

Overtime Hours are classed as the time worked over and above the planned hours on employee Working Rotas.

You can check what the planned hours are for your employees by going to Leave > Admin & Config > Work Profiles > open a Work Profile > Working Rota. 

If your employees earn the same regardless of whether they do additional hours, you can select the same Earning Rate for both Regular and Overtime. 

You then need to set whether Timesheets are synced to Xero in draft or approved status. If Timesheets are synced in draft mode, they would need to be approved on Xero. 

Viewing Timesheets in Xero

Once a Timesheet has been synced, you'll be able to view it in Xero by going to Payroll > Timesheets. 

The synced Timesheet will show in Xero with the status that they're set to in Appogee HR (either Draft or Approved, depending on the settings).

Timesheet Sync Log

You can check whether Timesheets have been synced to Xero in two places - the employee's Timesheet and the Sync Log on the Xero Integration page. 

Employee Timesheet: 

To view the Xero status, go to the employee's Timesheet and scroll down to the Approval logs table. You'll see either Xero Timesheet Sync Success or Failure. 

Xero Integration page: 

To view all Xero syncs, go to System Config > Integrations > Xero > Sync Log. 

Filter to the Timesheets option from the dropdown. 

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