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Time: Using Time

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Required Roles Team Manager HR Manager Administrator ADU Manager

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Recording Time for Projects / Customers / Tasks



You can use the Time module to clock in & out and track time spent on Projects, Customers & Tasks. 

To start using Time, head to the Time element of the left hand menu. This will take you to your Today page. 

From the Today page you can start tracking Time by clicking the green play button or the Add Activity button. 

You can either track your activities in real time or retrospectively. 

Recording Time for Projects / Customers / Tasks

Today Page

Use the Add Activity button on the bottom of the Today page. 

Select your Project, Customer and/or Task to start tracking time. 

Projects can be associated with particular Customers, so the Customer selector may auto-populate depending on the configuration.

Optionally add a description for your activity. 

You may have a Project Role assigned to you, which you will be able to see to the right of the description box. This can be changed, if the work you are doing is different to the role you have been assigned. 

You may also be able to mark if an activity is billable or not, although this depends on your configuration. 

From here, either select to Start the timer, or add the start and end times manually. 

You could also add this to your activity list without tracking any time on it, and use that as a template or plan for your day - just add the details and click Save.

Once you've set that up, just click the start time next to the relevant activity. 

Project Log

Alternatively, if you want to add your activities retrospectively for the week, for example, you can do this from the Projects Log page. 

Go to Projects > Project Log. 

Click the Add Activity button and add your Project, Customer & Task to the log. Add your time spent on this activity for each day and then click save. 

Repeat this process until you have captured all the time spent on Projects, Customers & Tasks for the week. 

Quick Add 

If you've been tracking activities for a short time, you'll be able to use the Quick Add button, which looks at your  recently used or most used Projects, Customers or Tasks.

This means that tracking time can be much quicker, as the Customer, Project, Task and description are already populated for you, and you only need to add the start and end times to the log. 


Timesheets are created automatically based on what you add to the Today page. 

You can override your Clock in & out and activity times, as well as retrospectively add any breaks to your day, in case you forget to do this in real time. 

You can also add comments to each day to further supplement the timesheet. 



You can use the location recording feature to manage where you plan on working from.  This concept is especially useful for hybrid working models. 

Head to Location from the menu. 

You can set a Default Plan for yourself, which will determine your normal working locations. This will populate your planned location report.

Each week or day, you can go into the system and confirm that you are working against your plan, or you can override the location if you're working from somewhere else. 

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