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Time: Work Profiles

Applicable packages Leave Time HR Essentials HR Success

Required Roles Team Manager HR Manager Administrator ADU Manager

A Work Profile is a configuration which determines the Time settings for a user or group of users. It defines the working and non-working hours for employees as well as a few other settings. 

Creating a new Work Profile

Go to Time > Config > Work Profiles. Click the Create Work Profile button in the top right corner.

Fill out the Main Details of the Work Profile by giving it a Name and selecting the Public Holiday profile. If you'd like to configure more Public Holiday profiles, you can do so by clicking the link. 

The Time Settings tab is split into two sections - Options & Working Rota. 


On the Options page, you can configure Auto Clock Out and Allow Override. 

If you want the system to automatically clock out your employees in the event they forget, you can tick the auto clock out option on. If you do not switch this on, all employees will be clocked in until midnight.

Select how long after the end of the day you'd like the automation to happen. 

There are then 2 options on how you'd like this to be represented in the Timesheet - the Rota Time (configured on the Working Rota tab) or the Auto Time. 

If you set the automation to happen 2 hours after the rota time of 5.30pm, this will clock out at 7.30pm. With Rota Time enabled, the timesheet will show 5.30pm, with Auto Time selected, the timesheet will show 7.30pm. 

If you'd like employees to override their clock in and out times, and the activity start and end times, you can enable this below. 

Clock in and out times that have been overridden will show in the timesheet with a red exclamation mark. 

Working Rota

The Working Rota tab is used to determine what the normal working hours are for employees who have been assigned to this Work Profile. 

This will be represented on the timesheet to calculate whether employees have worked their expected hours. 

You can tick which days of the week employees work, as well as inputting the start and end times of the day. Use the dropdown to select how many working hours there are in a day, and the system will calculate the morning and afternoon sessions as well as how long the lunch break is. 

If employees work different hours on each day, you can tick the button at the bottom which will enable to you modify days individually. 

When you're happy with the configuration, click Save Changes. 

Repeat this process for all scenarios in your organisation. 

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