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Time: Roles & Access

Applicable packages Leave Time HR Essentials HR Success

Required Roles Team Manager HR Manager Administrator ADU Manager

User Roles
Project Roles
EmployeeProject Manager
Team Manager
PM + Create
HR ManagerPM + Billing
AdminPM + Cost
ADU Admin (when enabled)Project Admin 

At least one employee in the organisation should be given HR Manager, Project Admin & Admin roles. This is because these roles make up the configuration of the system.

HR Manager

Users with the HR Manager role have access to configure employee data within the system. HR Managers do not have access to configure the system.


Users with the Admin role have access to the Process Config and System Config pages of the application. Admin users do not have access to employee information.

Project Admin 

Users with the Project Admin role have the ability to create, view and edit all Projects, Customers, and Tasks as well as view and update the Project Costs & Billings. Project Admins can assign additional Project Manager roles to others in the system.

Team Manager

Team Managers can view the Timesheets & Project Logs of the employees they manage. They can also create Tasks. 

Project Manager

Users with the Project Manager role can be added as a Project Manager to any Project. This means they will be able to view and edit the main details of the Project. 

It is possible to configure Project Managers with the additional roles below. If you configure a Project Manager with all three roles (Create, Billing & Cost) they will have full edit access to the Projects they manage.

Project Manager + Create

Users with the Project Creator role have the ability to create Projects and Customers. 

Project Manager + Billing

Users with the Project Billing role have the ability to view and manage the Billing associated with Projects that they manage. 

Project Manager + Cost 

Users with the Project Cost role have the ability to view and manage the Costs associated with Projects that they manage. 

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