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Changing Goal Type, Alignment and Ownership

Applicable packages Leave Time HR Essentials HR Success

Required Roles Team Manager HR Manager Administrator ADU Manager


Goals can be connected to each other to allow for streamlined objective setting, ensuring everyone is working towards the same end Goal. 

The Alignment rules are as follows: 

Goals can align to a Goal of the same type or above -

  • Company Goals can align to other Company Goals
  • Team Goals can align to Team and Company Goals 
  • Personal Goals can align to Personal, Team and Company Goals

The Owner of a Team or Personal Goal is selected at creation. 

During a Goal's lifetime, through reviews or feedback, you may realise that a Goal is categorised as the wrong type. For example, a Company Goal is more likely to be achieved as a Team Goal. Changing Goal type will also mean a change in owner.  It may also be possible that a Goal's Alignment may change, if a Goal becomes blocked for example.  You are able to change the ownership and alignment of a Goal. 

To change the alignment or owner of a Goal, you will need to revert it to Draft Mode. Users with the Author role will be able to do this by clicking on the 'Options' button in the top right of the Goal. 

A dialog box will open where you can select a new type and owner. If you change Goal Type, you will also be prompted to select a new Alignment, if you wish. 

 When you're happy with the changes, click Update. The Goal will then need to be resubmitted for Approval. It's a good idea now to look at the share list, and select the relevant collaboration permissions. A dialog will pop up asking you to review this - click Yes .

The share list will open, check the relevant permissions and when you're happy click Save Changes.

You can now resubmit this Goal for Approval. All changes will be documented in the Timeline. 

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