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Goals: User Roles and Permissions

Applicable packages Leave Time HR Essentials HR Success

Required Roles Team Manager HR Manager Administrator ADU Manager

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Setting Permissions

Changing Permissions

About user roles and permissions

It's possible to set up different permissions for Creation, Visibility, Updates and Collaboration on a Goal. This allows increased flexibility and collaboration across Teams and the Company. 

There are 4 different Permissions you can grant to users in Goals, these are:

  • Author
  • Updater
  • Commenter
  • Reader

There is also the concept of a Goal Owner, which signifies who the Goal refers to, for a Company Goal, there isn't a specified owner, this is just the Company as a whole, for a Team Goal the owner is the Team and for a Personal Goal it is the person for which the Goal was created. 

When you create a Goal, you will be asked to select the Initial permissions. For all Goal types, creators will always be an Author; only users with the Author role are able to make changes to Goals while in draft mode. If your Goal Creation process is collaborative, you may find it useful to give users the Updater role - this will allow them to view the Goal in draft mode. Commenters and Readers will be given access once the Goal is approved. You are able to change the share list and user permissions at any point. 

The permissions are detailed in the table: 

You can view this table in Goals at the Goal creation, by clicking View permissions definitions, or within a Goal by clicking the Share button in the top right corner.

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Setting Permissions

Team Goals 

When you select the initial team permissions at the Goal creation point, you can define different permissions for the Team Managers and the Team Members. 

Personal Goals 

When you select the initial permissions for personal Goals, you are defining the permissions for the owner, rather than the creator. 

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Changing Permissions

You are able to change the share list at any point during the Goal life-cycle.  Once you've set up the initial permissions and left the Goal Creation page you will need to use the Share button in the top right corner to make any changes. If the Goal is in Draft, you may see some users with their names crossed through - this is because they will be given access once the Goal is approved. You can use the green +Add button to add more collaborators, and the red x icon next to each name to remove them from the list. 

You are able to give All Employees access to a Goal, this will only be available to them once the Goal has been approved. 

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