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March 2023

Releases in March 

Relevant support articles are added as links. 

  • Fixed an issue that was preventing Leave Reports from being downloaded if the data was from a deleted team
  • Added support for Performance Manager Role for account with ADUs enabled
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the Employee Switcher from working
  • Added functionality in the Offboarding process to reassign employee record owners in bulk
  • Launched integration with Slack
    • Add Appogee HR to your channels to view Leave data
  • Added Ratings to 360 Feedback 
    • Set your rating scales within 360 Feedback Topics 
  • Added result count to HR Reports so you can view totals
  • Changed the way Alignment works within Goals 
    • Employees can align their Personal Goals to Team Goals - previously this was only available to Managers
  • Improvements to the Bulk Update tool
  • Added 2024 Public Holidays
  • Fixed an issue which was preventing Admins from updating employee profiles 
  • Made a change to the Demo Data deletion process to ensure Performance Reviews are removed
  • Fixed an issue with new starter employees where their allowance was not deducting properly
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