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Home page too complicated

I don't think it is clear how to enter the portal for the different uses:




When I go to Apogee to log my own leave etc I always struggle to work out where to start. I am not a power user, if I was maybe this would be obvious. but I faff around trying to work out how to access my account to log something for me. Same with the organisation, I need to look at everyone and I can't easily work out how to do this. I know it might sound daft, but I forget from one visit to another that I press the + at the top but when I do this I'd quite like to see it in context of my calendar.

I think it would help if there were clear sections for these functions.

Also, when you have a pop up window the cancel button is top right whereas the usual convention is top left and in red not orange. Again, I have to think every time I go to use this.

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