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Temporary system freeze

Would it be possible to have a button that would temporarily freeze the system, and not allow any changes/requests to be submitted by users? This would be useful if admins need to make changes to company structure, for example

  • Hi Jenny

    Thanks for your suggestion. 

    A possible work around would be to disable employee access to the relevant parts of the system for this period of time. You can do this by going to Roles & Access > Access and disabling the access to each of the modules. If you only disable the Leave module, employees will still be able to log into the system to view HR data, but would be prevented from accessing any features within Leave such as requests/approvals. 

    Hope this helps. 


    Appogee HR

  • Thanks Megan. I assume each user would need to have leave disabled, and then re-enabled, which would be quite time-consuming?

  • You can filter to 'All Teams' on this page, and the box at the top of the column will allow you to select/deselect all in one go, so shouldn't take longer than a couple of seconds. 

  • Pronblem solved! thank you

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