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Include former or archived employees in report builder

It would be great to have the option to include former employees or archived employees in the report builder for HR reporting. Currently, the only way to get the HR data for these employees is to move them from either former or archived into the active state which is not ideal as we should be able to report on historical data too when required. 

  • Hi Jessy 

    Thanks for your suggestion. 

    Former employees are available to be reported upon, you can use the 'job status' filter and set it to former. 

    As archived employees do not use up a license (i.e. you are not paying for them) you are unable to report on data about them. We store the information free of charge, however if you'd like to run a report you would need to assign them a license by restoring their profile. 

    Hope this helps. 


    Appogee HR

  • Hi Jessy 

    We agree with your suggestion - that it should be made possible to run report on archived data without having to restore the employee individually or impact license level, as we need to be able to report on employee turnover and leavers for specific period.

    Many thanks,

    Mairéad (Special Olympics Ireland)

  • It is now possible to include the Archived employee data in HR Reports. 

    When creating filters for a report, you will be able to select Archived as the job status. 

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