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Ability to create a report for company documents

We would like the option to be able to report on the company documents we have stored in Appogee HR for audit purposes so we can see if documents have been reviewed for when we have a company audit.

Currently, the only way to do this is manually going into each document loaded into the system and reviewing each one which is not only time consuming but is highly inconvenient given you can produce a HR report on other areas of the system but not this.

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  • Hi, this is exactly what I'm currently looking for.  I can add the "review date" column, but we still have to manually check what has and hasn't been reviewed, and with what seems like hundreds of documents, it's a laborious process.
    I'd love the ability to run a report on what is due/overdue a review, and to even automate it per month to show what needs to be reviewed per month.

  • This would also be really useful for me! I have to go into each document to see which have been set up for regular review and which haven't and also to see when it is due to be done. 

    An automated report would be really helpful and save a lot of admin time.

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