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Add a Company Announcements/blog view on the dashboard

would be good if in addition to the Staff Shout-outs section, there was a Company Announcement section where you could post updates and announcements which aren't employee specific but can affect all employees.  Some examples could be "today is world earth day and this is what we're doing", "Company Quiz night this Friday", "the servers are being rebooted at 5pm, please save all work in advance", anything really.

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  • We've now added a News Feed area to Appogee HR within the HR Success package. 

    This allows you to post company updates, announcements, blog posts etc for your employees to view. 

    Posts can be submitted into categories - to set up your categories and the security settings, head to News Feed (from the main menu) > Configure Categories. 

    You'll need to then enable the News Feed for your employees by going to System Config. 

    More information can be found here:

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