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Exporting data from the Leave Report Builder

I used the report builder to run a report for specific information on leave requests in my organisation and although this gives me the information I need, I cant export this data to work with. 

The visual data that we can look at via the report builder but cannot download/print is a feature we should have available. In the end I had to run a data export and was able to run a report where I can see the leave requests made per person per month from the current to the last leave year, however, this involved a lot of work configuring the exported data in the CSV file where this would have been avoided had the option to export directly from the report builder been available.

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  • Hi All

    Raised this topic of exporting a report on employee's booked / taken holiday during the year - a year later and it seems not to be a hot topic.

    Appogee - When will it be possible to download a holiday report per person per month for the whole year for each year????

    I just cannot be the only person who needs this report??

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