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Pro-rata balances on Dashboard View

In Appogee Leave you can enter a leaving date for a member of staff and a pro-rata balance will appear on their Allowances Tab. However their Dashboard view still shows a full years leave entitlement. It would be helpful if this could also be updated to show their pro-rata balance to prevent individuals from booking too much leave. 

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  • This upgrade would be incredibly helpful - already it is causing concern and problems amongst staff who think they have more leave than they do.

  • Hi both 

    The leavers pro rata balance is an indication or representation of what their leave will be as of their end date. If you would like the employee to see their leaving allowance, we would recommend manually adjusting their annual leave amount down so that it is essentially zeroed out with their leavers balance. 

    Hope this helps! 


    Appogee HR

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