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Reporting - More Options

When running a report via the data export, it would be handy to have more options than just all teams or single team. Perhaps utilise the data entered and search by office location, job title or anything else that we enter to populate the database. In this instance, we have teams that span across two offices and absence reporting is only required for one location. 

  • This would also help us immensely if you are able to implement a way to log overtime, so we can export all overtime worked in a specific period for the options mentioned above

  • Hi Amy 

    Thanks for your feature request. We have now made changes to the Data Export which allows you to pick and choose the data you see in it. Please take a look at the feature and see if this works for you. 

    You will need to create a template to see which options you have, there's more information here: Data Export.


    Appogee HR

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