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Reporting: Report for All Employees Allowance/Remaining Allowance

It would be useful to have a report that would generate All Employee allowances and their remaining balances. 

This is currently viewable in "Team Allowances" if you leave it on - Select -, but it would be useful to have it as data you can download, so it can be used for internal reporting purposes on demand. For example, potentially have an "Excel Download" button available from Team Allowances, or a ready made Report in the Report Section.

  • Just to note, this is separate to the "Allowances" data export. The data export contains a lot of information that is requires formatting to make useful for internal reporting. This report would simply be a representation of the information available under Team Allowances.

  • This would be very helpful for us, too. It would be even more perfect to receive this report by e-mail. Or could this be achieved by using an api?

  • This has now been implemented. 

    If you head to the Team Allowances page ( you will find a CSV export button in the top right corner, which will give you the information in an exported report. 


    Appogee HR.

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