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Can we have a monthly report showing time taken to date?

The report would show:
Days allocated/accrued
Leave/sick taken to date
Balance to date


This feature request originally came from me. I've briefly evaluated a few online leave trackers and yours is the cleanest and easiest to use and suits us well.

I'm based in Australia where accrual-based leave is required by law. Our finance team requires a monthly report that shows each user's leave balance as at the report date. For example, if a user has:

accrued 30 daystaken 10 days leave this year until todaybooked 5 days leave in the future

The balance we need is 20, ie 30 days accrued less 10 days taken. If the employee were to resign immediately they would be owed 20 days leave, thus this is a current liability for accounting. We need to ignore the 5 days planned in the future, whether it is approved or not.

The Allowances data set doesn't seem to satisfy this requirement because in the example above it would provide:

accrued 30 daystaken 15 days (includes all leave past and present this year)


  • This is now implemented in our Allowances data export.

    There is now remaining balance fields shown.

    Many thanks,

    Appogee HR

  • I keep seeing this answer as a solution to the problem above, which is repeated over several Feature Suggestions, but it doesn't seem to fix the problem. Unless I'm doing something wrong. We also need to see balances as of a particular date - without including future approved requests. Being able to run a detailed report of usage over a date range (not just monthly but between two specific dates) would be very beneficial for our payroll department.

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