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Customise the dashboard

to be able to customise the dashboard that a user sees. For example, still, allow for a sickness allowance to be enabled for a user under their employment profile but for it to be removed from the dashboard, so the user can't see their entitlement. In addition still, allow a user to log a sickness report through their own dashboard

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  • I agree with this suggestion and would like this to be implemented.

    One feature that is lacking is that there isn't a report to show you who is currently off-sick.

    However, I've been advised by Appogee Support that the Team Calendar is a useful way of seeing who is currently off-sick/annual leave etc. 

    As this is a useful feature, allowing the dashboard to be customised would allow this calendar to be visible when first logged in.

    However, the dashboard should be allowed to be customised for each user type to make Appogee more relevant to their role and the information they require.

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