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Bulk Management

Desperately need bulk management - by "desperately", I mean "so bad that I'm actively looking for other HR solutions while wasting 10 hours every month to manage our dynamic organization".

  • "Select All"
  • Assign multiple employees to same employment (or team) profile at the same time
  • Delete multiple teams at the same time
  • Move multiple teams under one ADU
  • Somehow, please - ability to "replace" a leave approver in bulk
To paint a picture, we are a large organization with over 3500 employees, and currently we managed to onboard only about 100 to Appogee. Onboarding any more would be so time consuming and unmanageable that I'm not even giving it a second thought.

We have over 15 departments spread across 10 locations which means A LOT of different leave managers. It also means that one person is sometimes the approver of 30 different teams, or more. At this point, when one of the "large" managers leaves the company or is replaced by a successor, I need to edit over 30 teams, one by one, leave, sick leave, TOIL, Managers for each and every one.

Insane time-consuming process.



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