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Data export enhancements

Add a new feature to the reporting section of Appogee Leave to allow users with the “HR Admin” and “Manager” role to produce reports detailing monthly leave and sick activity. The report will have the ability to filter by team, and month range. The report will display a list of users with the number of hours PAID, UNPAID and TOTAL leave taken for the given month range. In the case where a request spans a month's end, the number of hours for that request will be split proportionally based on the number of known working days in the reporting month.

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  • Would be great if this could be exported as well

  • We have made changes to the Data Export tool in Leave Reporting which will allow you to create report templates that can be run automatically on a week and month basis. The reporting areas are flexible so you can create your own templates with the correct data you need and set up the schedule for when it runs. 


    Appogee HR

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