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Bulk Employee Record Creation

Applicable packages Leave Time HR Essentials HR Success

Required Roles Team Manager HR ManagerAdministrator ADU Manager

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Using the tool

CSV Import


The Bulk Employee Record Creation tool allows you to quickly and seamlessly create multiple Employee Records at once.

For example, you could be giving all your employees a % increase to their salary, and need to send them all a salary review letter. Rather than doing this individually per employee, you can use the Bulk Employee Record Generation tool to populate the letters automatically. 

First, you will need to add Employee Record Templates to your Appogee HR account by going to Profile > Admin & Config > Record Templates. 

Follow the prompts on the screen, or read the following document for more information: Creating Employee Record Templates.

Using the Tool

To generate Employee Records in bulk, go to Profile > Records > Bulk Record Creation.

Start by selecting your Record Template, then click next. 

Complete the Record Details - the name will be applied to all Employee Records created as part of this process, so it's worth keeping this generic. 

Review the Security of the Record and click Next. 

Select which employees you wish to generate the Record for, either by searching, clicking to Add All Employees (you can remove individuals if necessary) or by uploading a CSV. When you've added the correct employees, click Next.

For instructions on how to use the CSV import, take a look at the paragraph at the bottom of this article. 

The system will then check the employees on the list and compare their data with the placeholders in the Template file. 

Next, you'll be able to set up your notifications, acknowledgements or signatures - these can be sent to users when their records have been created. 

If you select Email Notification, you can choose whether this goes to the Employees, their Manager or both:

If you select Request Acknowledgement, you can choose the Employees, their Manager or both and optionally add a request message. You'll also need to select when the Acknowledgement is due by:

Finally, if you have DocuSign enabled, you'll be able to select who you'd like the signature from. 

You'll then be able to see a preview of the data that has been picked up from the employee profile and will be populated in the records. 

If any employees have missing data, this will be shown. 

To create the records, click Next. 

CSV Import

If you have a long list of employees that you need to create a record for, you can use the CSV upload tool to import their names. 

Follow the Bulk Employee Record Creation up to the Select Employees step. 

Click CSV Import - a dialog box will appear where you can download a template file. 

Open the template in your spreadsheet software and complete column A with your employee email addresses. 

Save the file as a .csv and then click the import button. 

Continue the rest of the Bulk Employee Record Creation process at outlined above.

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