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Creating Employee Record Templates

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Required RolesTeam Manager HR ManagerAdministratorADU Manager

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Setting up Templates


Speed up repetitive record creation by using Employee Record Templates. 

Upload a template file used for employee documents, such as employment contracts, salary review letters or change in circumstance documentation. 

Use the data stored in Appogee HR to fill in the placeholder fields using a mail merge concept and save the record to your employee's file. 

Setting up Templates

Create your Employee record template and save it as a Microsoft Word (.docx) file. You can use placeholder tags to import data from Appogee HR. 

Tip: If you use Google Docs you can still utilise this feature! Just export your document as a .docx by clicking File > Download

Your placeholder tags can be added in one of the following ways: 

[ ][employee name]
{ }{job title}
$( )$(salary)

Note: you may only use the following characters within your placeholder tags: A-Z, a-z, 0-9, space, comma, full stop, forward slash, backslash, plus and minus.

Then, in Appogee HR  go to Profile > Admin & Config > Record Templates. 

Click Create. 

Select which category the record template will be stored in and give the template a name. 

Select your file to upload - note, this must be a Microsoft Word file (.docx). 

Once the template has been uploaded, you'll be able to map the placeholder fields with those in Appogee HR.

The system will scan your document for any placeholder tags and present you with a mapping tool. 

You'll first need to select the Data Source from the following options: 

  • Employee Profile (your Appogee HR profile data)
  • Organization Data (information relating to the Team, Manager or HR Manager)
  • Company Data (information relating to your company, such as the name or address)
  • Computed (today's date)
  • None (allow manual input)

Once you've selected your data source, you can choose the field. If you've chosen Employee Profile for the data source, you'll need to select the Appogee HR category, followed by the field.

You can additionally choose to allow override on any of the fields. This will allow you to make changes to the document on a per employee basis. Though this should be used sparingly for continuity of data.

Once completed the mapping page will look something like the screenshot below. 

Once you are happy with the mapping, you can click to Save then Publish. 

For instructions on how to populate the templates with employee data, take a look at the following article: Using Employee Record Templates.

Review & Revise

If you need to change the content of a template, you can use the Review & Revise feature. You may wish to change the formatting of the document, add content or remove placeholders. 

You don't need to remove the template, upload the document and re-map the fields as this process handles the changes for you. 

From the template, click the History tab, then click Review & Revise. 

You'll then be prompted to create a new version - complete the form and upload the edited template. 

Once you've followed the prompts, you'll be taken to the Field Mapping page again, where you can make any changes if n ecessary and then save the document. 

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