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Default Roles & Permissions

The below tables represent the default permissions each of the Roles has within Appogee HR. The system is highly configurable and there may be scenarios where the access below does not reflect the actual access within your Appogee HR account, these elements are represented with an asterisk.

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HR Essentials


HR Success




System Integrations 

Team Manager
HR Manager
ADU Manager (if enabled)
Submit Leave, Sick, TOIL Requests for themselves
Submit Leave, Sick, TOIL Requests for others
Employees they manage
Approve Leave, Sick, TOIL Requests
View Leave calendar of their Team*
View Leave calendar of other Teams*
View own allowances
View allowances of others
Employees they manage

HR Essentials
Team Manager
HR Manager
AdminADU Manager (if enabled)
View their own data*
View other employee data*
Employees they manage
Update their own data (employee self-service)*
Update information about other employees*
Employees they manage
View records uploaded to their employee profile*
Upload records to their employee profile*
View records uploaded to other employee profiles*
Employees they manage
Upload records to other employee profiles*
View Company Documents*
Upload Company Documents*
Request Acknowledgement of Company Documents*
Complete a Checklist
Assign a Checklist*
Create a Checklist template
Record their working location
Record working location of other employees
Employees they manage
View other employees working location*
View location report
Configure Office Locations

ReportingEmployeeTeam ManagerHR ManagerAdminADU Manager (if enabled)
Run leave reports about members of their team
Run leave reports about all employees
Run HR reports about members of their team
Run HR reports about all employees
Set up HR notifications

HR SuccessEmployeeTeam ManagerHR ManagerAdminADU Manager (if enabled)
View Goals*
Create Goals*
View Goals Insights
Goal Manager Role
Create Goal Reports
View Goal Reports
Employees they manage
Run Performance Reviews
Employees they manage
View Performance Reviews*
Employees they manage
Manage Onboarding for new starters
Employees they manage

Team Manager
HR Manager
ADU Manager (if enabled)
Clock in & out
View their own timesheet
View timesheets of other employees 
Employees they manage
Track time against Projects, Customers & Tasks
View & Edit Project Log
Employees they manage

View employee activity report
Employees they manage
View activity report
Employees they manage
Configure Projects, Customers & Tasks
Only Tasks

ConfigurationEmployeeTeam ManagerHR ManagerAdminADU Manager (if enabled)
Create Work Profiles
Assign Work Profiles
Manage Public Holidays
Manage Leave & Sick Types
Create Compulsory Days
Configure Email Templates
Configure Categories & Fields (HR Data)
Configure Company Document Types
Manage Goal settings
Create Review Type Templates
Manage General Settings (system wide)
Customise the system
Manage verified domains
Manage ADUS/Divisions
Set up System Integrations

OrganisationEmployeeTeam ManagerHR ManagerAdminADU Manager (if enabled)
Manage Org structure
Set up Teams & Approval flows
Add users

System IntegrationsEmployeeTeam ManagerHR Manager
ADU Manager (if enabled)
Set up & manage integrations

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