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Managing Self Service access

Applicable packages Leave Time HR Essentials HR Success

Required Roles Team Manager HR Manager Administrator ADU Manager

Manage Employees access to the different modules

Please note: only Active employees are able to login

To manage Self Service access, you will need to go to Roles & Access from the main menu. 

This menu item is only available to employees who have the Admin or HR Manager role assigned to them and allows you to configure what areas of the system you may want employees to have access to. 

Click on the Login & Access tab to see which Self-Service access your users have. You can click on the tick to toggle access on and off.  

This feature allows you to determine which employees are able to log in to Appogee HR, also access to Leave and HR can be managed separately if preferred. Any combination of a tick and/or space is valid.  Removing access for a user to a part or all of the service has no impact on the data stored in the system.

You can switch on access for all users by clicking the box at the top of the column, below Access. Select save changes when you are happy with the access configuration.

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