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Using the Onboarding Portal Tab

Applicable packages Leave Time HR Essentials HR Success

Required Roles Team Manager HR Manager Administrator ADU Manager

It’s possible to add new starters to Appogee HR prior to their start date, to assist with their Onboarding into your company. They can be given access to the Onboarding Portal, which you can configure, and is a place for them to give you their personal information as well as a chance to review company documents or upload their personal records.  They will also have the ability to let you know of any upcoming leave or sickness they may have and will be given a chance to ‘meet’ their colleagues. 

Preview the portal and view a new starter's progress, or update the messaging to them by going to the Onboarding Tab on the left menu. When a user has been added to the system and Onboarding has been enabled, they will appear in the Onboarding Current Joiners list. This page will show you the progress and allow you to make changes. 

HR Managers and Team Managers have this option, HR Managers will be able to edit all aspects, while Team Managers have read only access to the HR functionality and edit access to the Team Manager sections. 

Understanding the Onboarding Page

All users with a start date in the future will appear in the Onboarding tab. 

The table will show you important information regarding the status of the new starter - whether the onboarding portal is enabled, whether they have logged in & when their start date is. The table is split into the following columns: 

Employee Admin - click on the name to go to the Employee Admin page for a particular new starter, from here you can change their details (e.g. name, team, leave profile), enable login and check which roles they have. This column also shows you their start date

Employee Profile - click this to open their Appogee HR profile, you will be able to view all HR process areas and their Leave data

Login enabled - this will either be a tick or cross, depending on whether the Onboarding Portal login has been enabled

Last Login (Count) - this will show you the date the new starter last logged into the Onboarding Portal and how many times they have logged in altogether

Content Status - There are 3 Onboarding Content Statuses - Default, Customized and Disabled. This tells you whether the Onboarding Portal for this user has been edited or not. If the new starter's Onboarding Portal has been changed from the default, the status will be Customized, if it remains unchanged it will be Default and if not enabled, the status will show Disabled. 

Configure - click here to configure the Onboarding Portal, this will open the Onboarding Portal config page for the individual and will allow you to customise the messaging, team access or maps or disable access if you need.

Preview - click here to view a preview of the Onboarding Portal, this will open a view of the Onboarding Portal in a new tab. HR Managers can make changes from within this page. Further details on this are below. 

Welcome Email - this will show you when the welcome email was first sent to the user

Personal Email - this will show you the personal email the new starter has been configured to login with

Previewing the Onboarding Portal

There are two available previews of the Onboarding Portal. HR Managers are able to view the specific version of the Onboarding Portal relating to a new starter from the Onboarding tab. Alternatively, if you have no new starters and still want to set up the Onboarding Portal, HR Managers can view a version created for a demo employee. Find this by going to Onboarding > Configure Portal and clicking the Preview Default Portal button in the top right corner. 

For more information regarding the Onboarding Portal config, take a look at the following article: Configuring the Onboarding Portal for your Company

HR Managers and Team Managers involved in the new starter process will be able to preview the Onboarding Portal from the Onboarding tab. This will show them a version of the portal as if they were the new starter. HR Managers have the ability to edit most fields and the Team Manager will be able to edit the Team Manager's message. Once in Preview mode, Managers have the ability to see some important details relating to the new starter across the banner at the top. 

To change a text box, just click into it or on the pencil icon, make your changes and click out of it. Any changes made from this view will only change the onboarding portal messaging of the user you are previewing. 

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