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Using the Onboarding Portal (Joiners)

If you're due to start at a new role and your company uses Appogee HR, they may give you access to the Appogee HR Onboarding Portal prior to your start date. The below information shows how the Onboarding Portal could look for you, however as it's configurable on a Company basis, there may be features switched off for you. 

When access has been granted, you will receive an email which will give you a link to log into the Onboarding Portal. 

The link will take you to the Appogee HR login page, where you can either click the G S or O365 login buttons (if you have Gmail or O365 for your personal email address) or type your email address in and create a password. Your password will need to be at least 8 characters with the following: 

  • 1 capital letter
  • 1 lowercase letter
  • 1 number 
  • 1 of these special characters: 
    • # $ ^ + = ! * ( ) @ % &

Once you have set your password, you will be logged into the Home page of the Onboarding Portal. 

From the Home page, you can find your way around by either using the categories across the top or the list of things in the 'Before you join' list. You can complete the Onboarding Portal in any order you like, and dip in and out when you choose. 


The Home page will show you some key information to get you ready for your start date. There are various messages waiting for you - the Company message, a first day message and there may be one from your team manager. You also have the opportunity to ask your new manager a question before your start date - click the Ask a question button and the system will send an email to them. 

You will be able to see a map, which has been highlighted as your main office, or the place you need to go on your first day.  Further down the page, you will have a Meet your colleague's section, which will show you a short bio of your teammates. This is configured by your HR Manager and may show members of your own team and possibly other teams you will be working with. 

The Before you join list will guide you through the key steps, or you can use the menu across the top. Click on your initial at the top to change your profile photo.

My Profile

The My Profile section is where you can provide your new employer with some information about yourself. This will have been configured by them and will include key information they need from you, for example, home address, bank details & emergency contact details. If the fields are greyed out, this means you cannot edit them and maybe your HR Manager will input this data on your behalf and ask you to review it. 

Any fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory and mean you will not be able to navigate away from the page without saving. The Save Changes button is at the bottom of the page. 

My Records

Your employer may have asked you to provide some employee records to them. This could be a copy of a right-to-work document, or confirmation of your qualifications. Use the box to either drag and drop a document, or upload one from your computer. 

Company Documents 

There may be some Company Documents in the Portal for you to view and acknowledge. Click the document to take a look - if you've been asked to acknowledge it, click the green button. This will send a time and date stamp to the HR Manager which confirms you have read the document. 

Pre-book Leave

You also have the opportunity to tell your employer about any future planned Leave or Sickness. Use the year calendar to select a date and input the information. Your employer may have some different request types enabled, so select the most appropriate from the dropdown. This will send a Leave Request or Sickness Report to your manager for them to approve. 

My Colleagues

Find out a bit more about your colleagues here, they may have a bio set so read a little about them and see when they started their role. 

You may also be able to see the Org Chart. 

After your start date

Once you've moved from a Joining Employee to an Active Employee, you will be given full access to Appogee HR, where you will be able to view and update HR information, submit your Leave Requests and keep track of your Goals. You may see an additional menu item called 'My Onboarding' which will show you the Onboarding Portal you had previously and allow you to make any changes to it. Access to this is controlled by your company and set to a specific amount of days, so you might not see it, and it will disappear eventually.  

For guidance on how to use Appogee HR, just take a look at the following article: Employee User Guide.

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