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Office 365: Installing the Outlook Add-in

This configuration needs to be completed by an Office 365 Administrator

The Office 365 Add-in allows approvers to approve/decline leave requests from their Outlook mailbox. This process will eliminate approvers having to log on to Appogee Leave to manage leave requests.   

Office 365 Administrators can install the Appogee Leave for Office application to all users using the steps below:

Log in to Office 365 Admin Portal. 

From the left side menu, click Settings (you may have to open more options first) and then click Add-ins. Or follow the link here:

Click the Deploy Add-In button in the top right corner, a pop up will appear called Centralized Deployment, click next. 

Select 'I have a URL for the manifest file' - the URL is

Then select who has access: 

Once this is done, you can click on Install and this will then be available to all your users. Click on the pencil icon and you can modify the settings to force the add-in to be mandatory for all users.

Note that it may take up to a couple of hours before the add-in appears for your users.

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Please note: it can take up to 24 hours for the deployment to occur when integrating O365 with your Appogee HR account.

Also note:   

  • if you are using Microsoft Outlook on the web using a Safari browser you will need to uncheck the setting "Prevent cross-site tracking" for the Add-in to work successfully.   
  • Older versions of Outlook Desktop clients will have reduced functionality. Full functionality is available in Outlook 2019.

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